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Examples of Currently Manufactured Items.

CAST IRON and related items:

  • Enameled and machined tub heat exchangers with 8 and 10 tubes, as well as 18 tubes of various dimensions.
  • Pump Adapters, Pump Housings, Pump Covers.
  • Cover Headers
  • Circulation Pump Flanges
  • Rear Headers
  • Header Flanges
  • Flow Valves with Porcelain
  • In/Out machined and enameled boiler castings
  • Return machined and enameled boiler castings
  • Ductile iron machined Flange Tees
  • Rubber gaskets for tub machined castings
  • SS#304 water barriers for tub casting
  • SS#304 diffusers for tub castings
  • Cast Iron Circulation Pump Casings Enameled and Machined
  • Aluminum Blower Adapters
  • Cast Iron Heat Exchangers Ring Supports

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Various Other Major Components:

  • Steel Baffles
  • Steel Gas Supply Tubes
  • Steel Gas Inlet Manifolds
  • Steel Welded Flange Plates
  • Bronze Inlet and Outlet Manifolds C84440
  • Discharge Fittings
  • Compression Fittings
  • Bronze Mixing Valves
  • Brass Rings
  • Wide Range of Brass Gas Orifices
  • Forged Brass Locknuts-Various Sizes
  • Forged Brass Boiler Drains
  • Brass Union Boiler Outlets
  • Brass Union Economizer Outlets
  • Forged Brass Unions, Gaskets Type CXC and CX Female NPT
  • Economizer Inlet Fitting Assembly
  • By-Pass Fittings
  • Copper Connectors-Various Types, Forms and Sizes
  • Malleable Black Iron Side Outlet Elbows
  • CSA, UL and FM Listed Forged Brass Ball Valves

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Water Heater Parts and Components:

  • Brass Drain Valves in Various Dimensions
  • Cast Iron Ring Gas Burner that surpassed all kinds of test including in combustion chamber
  • Brass Boiler Drains
  • Forged Brass full port 600WOG ball valves
  • Brass Gas Orifices in various shapes and dimensions

World Link Imports Exports

World Link Imports Exports